As a child, I grew up poor and my family sold gifts at flea markets to make ends meet. Through hard work and perseverance, my immigrant parents eventually opened several gift stores and achieved the American Dream. I joined the United States military as an officer on active duty because I believe I can never give back to this country all that it has given to my family. I entered politics to make sure the American Dream remains open and accessible to my constituents.

Whether it was serving on the Torrance City Council, in the State Assembly or in the Senate, I have a track record of confronting difficult issues, taking on special interests, and getting results.

Working with the Executive branch and other legislators, I made numerous hard choices that helped turn California's budget deficit into a surplus; increased funding to K-12 and higher education; and reduced unemployment to the lowest level in nearly five years.

After Wall Street’s failures nearly collapsed our economy, I wrote first-in-the-nation financial reform laws to rein in predatory lending practices and reduce foreclosures. I also authored laws to ensure that today's workers are trained for tomorrow's jobs. 

My record is one of fighting for the priorities of this district.  I passed laws to protect the environment, seniors, children, and those without a voice.  Last year my civil rights law to ban reparative therapy was the country’s first, and it has now been introduced in numerous other states. 

With your support, I will continue to work every day to solve our difficult challenges and ensure America’s opportunity remains open to everyone.

Along with my wonderful wife Betty and our two sons, I humbly ask for your vote.

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